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New Ni no Kuni footage debuts on Japanese talk show
posted on 01.29.11 at 07:59 PM EST by (@salromano)

Level-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino, was featured on a Japanese talk show, Top Runner, yesterday. During the show, Hino revealed new footage of the PlayStation 3 version of Ni no Kuni.

Ni no Kuni is a role-playing game being crafted in conjunction with animation studio, Studio Ghibli. In the new five-minute video, the announcer says that Hino’s trying to give players the feeling of being in a Studio Ghibli film. In the game, players can switch to a first-person view and check out their surroundings; the talk show host playing the game is completely blown away by this feature.

Hino ran the game in debug game on the show, and allowed the hosts to rotate the camera during a couple of scenes to prove that it’s running in real-time. Some believe the game looks too good to be true. Hino said that they’re looking at giving players the ability to move the camera around during cutscenes in the final version of the game.

The Nintendo DS version of Ni no Kuni has already released in Japan. The hosts asked Hino why they decided to make a PlayStation 3 version, as well. To that, he responded that the game was created at the level of a movie, so they wanted to make it look more like a movie.

In non-Ni no Kuni related news, Hino revealed that he only gets about 3 to 5 hours of sleep a day.

Thanks, Andriasang (via Hatimaki).

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  • I love Level 5, so please dear Hino sleep well, we need u healthy for a long long time.


    From a western gamer: PLEASE BRING ‘NI NO KUNI PS3’ WEST! (with a JAPANESE VOICE TRACK OPTION, COMPANION BOOK, & SPECIAL EDITION). This is a dream come true. I absolutely love GHIBLI & LEVEL-5. & PLEASE BRING ‘WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES 2’ WEST as well (w/ JAPANESE VOICE TRACK OPTION!). The first is my favorite RPG after FF 13…

  • Gmastershief

    Really amazing and magnificent work.

    Hayao miyazaki : Character design
    Joe Hisashi : Music (yeeeees, i love his works)
    Level-5 : Story (and hardcore RPG style)
    A gaming Nuclear Bomb (at least for me)

  • xxmika

    if this isnt art…

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    I think I enjoy this much than wkc.

  • AdamBoy64

    Whoa. 3 to 5 hours is pretty low. Mind you, some people can live on that amount of sleep. And others are forced too, like those with newborn children.

    Oh yes.. And WKC2 for localisation. My most anticipated game for 2011.