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EA: “We haven’t buried [Mirror’s Edge]”
posted on 11.03.10 at 07:53 PM EST by (@salromano)

Mirror’s Edge, EA’s DICE-developed first-person free-runner, isn’t going away despite its lack of activity since its release two years ago. EA executive Patrick Söderlund has told Eurogamer that they’ll definitely be continuing support for the property.

Mirror’s Edge is an IP that’s close to my heart and EA’s as well. It was a bold move from us. I’m proud we made it,” he told the site. “It obviously didn’t reach the commercial success we wanted, even though it wasn’t bad at all.

“I still think as a company we’re going to talk about it when we’re going to talk about it. What I can say is, we haven’t buried it. We’re absolutely continuing to support Mirror’s Edge as an IP. When we’re ready to talk about it, we’ll talk about it.”

Can we have that Mirror’s Edge 2 announcement now, Söderlund?

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  • Blackmage456

    this game blew me away when i first saw the trailer. The final product was good but needed work. And quite frankly 60 bucks for a 4-5 hour game wasnt gonna cut it for me. I did buy it on steam when it was like 12 bucks and love it. Hopefully Mirrors Edge 2 will be longer, and fix the issues the first one had

  • I loved Mirror’s Edge personally. At first, I was put off by all the talk of it’s length and other complaints people were saying at the time, but then I played the demo and knew I had to get it. I have never regretted it. It’s a very refreshing and original game which surprised me at how much I ended up liking it.

    Now just to wait for their official sequel announcement!

  • Aldridge517

    I didn’t get into Mirrors Edge like that, but I did ride the hype wave that came with it. This game revolutionized parkour FOREVER!

    I’ll probably cop the sequel.


    MIRROR’S EDGE is one of the best games EVER MADE. Period. MIRROR’S EDGE 2 P L E A S E !!!!