Discussionist: In times of hardship - Gematsu
Discussionist: In times of hardship
posted on 11.10.10 at 05:55 PM EST by (@admeady)

Life is not easy. In trying times, it’s easy to lose hope – it might be a relative fallen ill, a job loss or the end of a long-term relationship. But, alas, we must continue.

Here’s today’s question, then: In times of trouble and tribulation, is there a particular video game that you turn to? Perhaps it’s one that reminds you that “everything is going to be alright”.

It might be a message the game conveys, its world or its characters – it might even be its multiplayer community or the friends you play with. It might even bring back memories of times past.

You know how it works, folks. Let the discussion commence.

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  • TheronGuard00

    Well in these hard times with school piling up. Looking for a better job, trying to afford all these games…

    Theron turns to Killzone 2, where he averages 3 kills per death. Putting bullets in a complete strangers head is a great stress reliever after a hard day at work.

    • In hard times, Theron also refers to himself in third-person.


    • TheronGuard00

      Theron is my alter ego…when I become the massive gaming nerd I’ve fought for so long to control. Haha

  • Kkdog4Sado

    Yes yes yes.
    Those games are the Megaman Legends series and Shenmue series.

    These two, have been engraved in my being. They mean so much to me.

    Megaman Legends just, as you said is the “make everything better” game.
    I think of my childhood and it just brings an incredible feeling of nostalgia everytime I play and/or even mention it.

    I would go into more detail but, maybe I’ll save it for another time.

    Now as for Shenmue? It is also my stress reliever. A game so peaceful and soothing yet I can kick so much ass in it. Just walking around the Shenmue world just calms me down and relaxes me. It is truly a masterpiece, I’m can’t until Sega actually announces it, I know they will lol.

    I would love to go into detail, but would that even be necessary? Who knows, adios for now!!

  • AdamBoy64

    In the past when I’ve been down and out I’ve found RPG’s really comforting. (the game, not the weaon)

    And, well, in general I find RPG’s a major part of stress relief for me.
    At the end of every week I set aside some time to keep playing through whatever RPG i’m playing.. And I find it really helpful.

    • AdamBoy64


  • Kkdog4Sado

    Other good notable entries are Radiata Stories, Legend of Legaia and omfg how could I forget Chrono Cross. Chrono Cross is just amazing, the music on that game ALWAYS, make me feel better.

  • Zero

    It’s usually what ever game I happen to be playing at the time. I just try and let it absorb me in, and forget about other stuff. Something that takes a while to complete is a bonus, but that isn’t just RPG’s these days. I was having it rough around the time Assassins Creed 2 released, and it was very refreshing to come home and just start up AC2.

  • AdamBoy64

    One of the things you’ve got me asking myself, Adam.. is.. just how much I depend on video games to get by, or to calm me or help with stress and everything… Just how dependent I’m becoming of them.

    Another thing you’ve got me asking is.. Are there two Adam’s working on Scrawl now? Or did you get married and change your name?

    • There’s one Adam.

      Adam Hunter was his pen name — he’s reverted to his actual name, rather.

  • whiteferrero

    Same here. I usually just lose myself in whatever I’m playing at the time. There were plenty of games.

    FFX was so beautiful and the story so good that you I lost myself in that world. Sometimes I played the blitzball game just to chill out.

    Kingdom Hearts, the very first one, was such a new experience and challenging at the same time that I just had a blast even when I was feeling down. I’m kinda sad that the later renditions aren’t as good. (birth by sleep came pretty close)

    DDO is my MMO. The complexity of the game, and fun of endless customizations is just awesome.

    Disgaea: The Hour of Darkness was an epic rpg as well. The characters were so funny and memorable.

    I have a lot more, but I noticed I’m pretty much lost in the nostalgia so I’ll stop now.

  • ZacKazual

    If I’m feeling a little lost in Life, I throw in Final Fantasy VIII or the original Fire Emblem for the GBA.

  • For me, difficult times are all about seeing the best in a situation whilst at the same time healthily grieving or working to move on. For me, games which work in this way include any Sonic games, FFX, FFVII, or really….just anything I am currently playing. For a real life example, Red Dead Redemption was something I played a lot after the death of a relative who just happened to be a country and western performer in life. This, of course, gave the game an even greater sense of immersion to me.

  • Well like somes bellow has said, i use games that i currently playing, right now i say Fallout New Vegas (atleast until my PS3 died this week, now thats a real problem because i cant forget that problem playing New Vegas for obvious reason).

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  • Yuri4prez

    When I am at my lewest, for some reason, I always turn to playing Valkyrie Profile and feel better…

    I dunno..

  • JTX09

    I like to play Resistance Fall of Man when I’m feeling blue because it reminds me of my younger days. I still remember that Xmas.

  • Charlie

    When I’m feeling blue I always like to play ICO. Full of fond memories and beauty.

  • Kobracon

    For me, its like what people say, the current game. But for a 100% chance of feeling better, I replay the Prince of Persia Trilogy. Nothing is more satisfying and relaxing to me, than skillfully traversing the game’s beautiful landscapes in spectacular acrobatic fashion. Like what Yahtzee (from Zero Punctuation) says, “Perhaps I was a monkey in my past life”