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Final Fantasy Versus XIII PS3 exclusivity in question yet again
posted on 10.18.10 at 05:50 PM EST by (@salromano)

The exclusivity of Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PlayStation 3 is in question yet again. A recent job listing seeking a “Battle Planner” to work on the game is asking that those who be knowledgeable in both level and battle design and have “development experience on a PS3, or Xbox 360 package title”.

It’s a bit odd to require experience in developing an Xbox 360 title for a PlayStation 3 exclusive game, isn’t it? This fuels speculation.

Back in September, game director Tetusya Nomura hinted at the game going multiplatform, suggesting that a port would be done for an Xbox 360 version, however, reaffirming that the game is being developed “specifically for the PlayStation 3.”

A press conference on Final Fantasy Versus XIII as well Fabula Nova Crystallis’ other entry Final Fantasy Agito XIII is scheduled for January 11, 2011. We can expect to hear whether or not the game will go multiplatform then.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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  • abful

    I will be suprised if it doesn’t happen or they don’t announce the game going multi-platform by E3, SE wants to make money, its to be expected.

  • Falsate

    As I’ve said on a few other sites, Battle Planners come up with conceptualizations more than they actually contribute to the actual structure of the game (programming/art/audio).

    Asking someone to come up with a design/concept for a game (even if the game is exclusive) doesn’t mean they can’t bring in designers from a different platform. Both platforms are capable of outputting the same experience, but internally are structured differently. They’re just looking to broaden the range of potential candidates.

    Besides that, I am more concerned about the listing of a Job Opening for Final Fantasy Versus XIII itself. Perhaps Nomura is looking for external insight or simply wants the planning to be handled by someone else. Or an individual from the Versus/KH Team is absent.

  • Acerba

    I’m not panicking about exclusivity at this point. I’m panicking that Versus might not even be halfway done.

  • AiQi

    It’s not a charity. They simply want to sell as much copies as they can. I just hope that the game’s quality won’t go down.

  • hmm i still doubt it. it could mean anything, though i am worried The Third Birthday, Dissidia 012, and Kingdom Hearts Recoded are being released ahead of versus and those games were announced just awhile ago. hope Versus XIII finishes it’s development.