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Nomura shares new Final Fantasy Versus XIII details
posted on 09.28.10 at 07:57 PM EST by (@salromano)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura has let out some new bits of information on the upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG via Twitter tonight.

“Yesterday, we had meetings about three sections — maps, events and battles,” Nomura wrote. “For the map section, I checked the problem areas that had been fixed. The staff had gone beyond the requests and and filled them with playful elements. I put in orders for additional areas as well.”

Nomura provided specifics on what he was checking on the maps:

  • The look of a forest that you can see once you’ve cleared a narrow mountain path.
  • Things that are required when leaving the city by moving on the roofs of buildings.
  • The positioning of the bookshelves in shops
  • How flags are standing
  • How the sea is handled on the world map
  • The roads you can see from the air ship
  • The length of bridges

He also provided specifics on the maps, but couldn’t say too much for the sake of not spoiling the game:

  • The look on a character during a short cut in a scene where he or she is leaving.
  • Explanation of a fathers feelings during a conversation scene.
  • The areas that they want to have connected seamlessly, and the areas that they want to connect via cuts.
  • Explanations about the heroines movements.

In regards to battles, Nomura spoke about menus, saying, “We’re doing lots of trial and error on this. When you say Final Fantasy, you think of enemy damage figures flying out and showing player HP. What will we do with these in the action-heavy Versus?”

Nomura closed off his Versus XIII tweets saying that they may possibly open a Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII Twitter account in the future, but says that it’ll probably be closer to the Kingdom Hearts Twitter, where they won’t provide much comment form the development staff — unlike The 3rd Birthday‘s Twitter.

Thanks, Andriasang.

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  • Kurai Warrior

    I’m not sure if I fully understood any of this….does this really tell us anything, hardly any of it seems to make sense….
    Or is that just me?

  • Falsate

    All he’s doing is explaining what he was checking up on regarding a meeting and he enumerates on said list.

  • zerolegacy0

    If you really think about it hes actually given us some good information here:

    1. You are able to move freely on building tops
    2. There are shops (unlike FF XIII)
    3. Oceans explorable on the world map
    4. World map is explorable by airship
    5. The staff went above and beyond his expectations creating map areas with “playful elements”

    Hell, thats enough for me considering the rarity of information about this game.

    • AiQi

      Makes sense.

  • it’s nice they’re now concentrating at the game, hopefully we get a realease date at the Fabula nova crystallis conference :D

    in the meantime please hurry up with the Parasite Eve 1 and 2 PSN release so that i cab play it alongside The Third Birthday ^^

  • tagj

    haloo every one iam happy to join this site and i hope to see another movie from square enix like a final fantasy Versus XIII

    • zerolegacy0

      ^ lol blatantly obvious troll is blatantly obvious.

  • dart2087

    This news made my day. : )

  • Ultima619

    hopeful it stays a PS3 exclusive