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Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS trailer summary
posted on 09.16.10 at 09:40 AM EST by (@salromano)

Until somebody whips out their cell phone and starts recording, the only way we’ll get to understand what happens in the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is by summary. Here we have it.

The Versus XIII trailer is basically the post-E3 gameplay images in motion. During one point in the video, we see Noctis running around a wasteland, presumably the one from the images. Then, after arriving at a city reminiscent of Shinjuku, he fights a large Behemoth. Apparently, the quality of gameplay is so high that it’s hard to believe players can actually control what’s being done on screen. Blood spurts out of the Behemoth as Noctis attacks him. The whole clip is being described as both “very fantastic” but “very realistic” at the same time, by Famitsu, at least.

Come on, TGS-goers. CELL PHONES!

Thanks, Final Fantasy Network.

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  • Somebody HAS to have filmed it, right? I’m going to keep checking YouTube until I find something!

    • MrSound

      if u find something interesting…plz share it with me
      I cant wait to see this new trailer..LOL

    • Hell, be sure to let me know if you find anything.

      I’ll get it up on here.

  • SpaceMedafighterX

    omg this sounds so good i dont know whether to be happy about it being so good or sad that we cant see it yet

  • somebody post this on youtube hurry.

    nice to see this will be a Bloody Final Fantasy.

    only Crisis Core and Advet Children Complete i saw blood on a final fantasy.

    the details make me excited though did they also showed agito XIII?

    Sal is TGS already done? or is it till friday?

    • There’s still three days left. Day 2 should start probably around 9 or 10pm EST tonight., which In Japan will be 10am or 11am on September 17. That will be the last business day. After that, TGS opens to the public for two days.

    • ohh i see. but when TGS open’s on public, do you think they’ll show the one’s that are behind close door? like Versus XIII trailer? ^^

  • matsuki

    why the f SE doesnt show the trailer? i promise i wont steal it!

  • Hyuver

    Just saw the bad quality video of versus at Kotaku, the game looks like a sandbox FF.

    “Apparently, the quality of gameplay is so high that it’s hard to believe players can actually control what’s being done on screen”

    That statement is too overhyped :s

  • zerolegacy0

    Heres a video of the trailer.

    You’re welcome. ^_^

  • Trailer can be downloaded here. YouTube link was pulled.