Namco's latest Tales localization statement - Gematsu
Namco’s latest Tales localization statement
posted on 08.20.10 at 05:15 PM EST by (@salromano)

The battle for localization of Namco Bandai’s latest entries in the Tales franchise is ongoing. Facebook users are still spamming their wall daily asking for titles like Tales of Vesperia on PlayStation 3, Tales of Graces F, and the new 15th anniversary game (title still TBA).

Weeks of posting went by with no response from Namco, but today, they’ve spoken.

“We don’t mean to frustrate or annoy our fans,” Namco wrote in response to a Tales fan. “Unfortunately, other than our official response for the Tales series, we do not have any updates at this time. If this changes, the fans here will be the first to know. We certainly have not forgotten any of you and are doing our best to read everything you post.”

There you have it. Nothing major, but it looks like fans are making their mark. Hopefully, their final mark will be the release of those games that they desire so greatly.

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  • Yuri4prez

    Well, they are hearing us knocking, but still won’t let us in?!

    What will convince them it’s time to start doing some fan damage control and at least promise us one of them about now!

  • come on namco. stop being a tease and do the right thing.

    i will surely buy these 3 games when it hits here in the US.

    *note to the fans: make sure you all buy this so that namco maybe convinced that the have a market here. fans keep requesting games from them yet people don’t buy.

  • i say it, im one of those facebook fans, and im not gonna buy any of enslaved or Majin (im sorry Game Republic) until we have at least a confirmation of the Tales release on PS3 in the west and im write in on every web that i can to tell the fans to do the same..

    • dart2087

      I totally agree with you.

  • Jrukia

    Just release the F**KING GAME!
    you know we want it, stop playing games because this ish ain’t funny. If you have plans to release it, tell us. If not…. Then F**K you. I hope you dont sell well.

  • Hyuver

    They only gonna give official response when they announce the release date for tales of grace f, expect “We don’t have any plan to localize” response until then…

  • AdamBoy64

    It is good to hear from them. Well, particularly those who are constantly on their facebook page.

    I think it’s most likely we won’t hear anything for 2 or 3 months until they announce a localisation for the New Tales Of.

    I feel like that too is being a bit optimistic though.

  • As Hyuver says, I expect a bunch of blanket statements for a long while until they actually have a product to release.

    The entire subject of localisation gets to me though, always has. It was even worse last generation for a UK gamer like myself, who in the end had to resort to using “swap magic” just to to play games which never, ever saw a EU release. Ridiculous.

    I think Namco will take notice of this though, it seems theres a lot of pressure/support going on on Facebook etc and they would be stupid to ignore it.

    Tales of Graces looks so brilliant as well – it HAS to make it over here!

  • DjangoRaijin

    Hello everybody I just made an account even though I’ve been monitoring scrawlfx for a long time and I would gladly buy any amount of games to help namco get those 3 tales games localized because I love RPG’S and Shooters( yes im weird ) Keep up the good work Sal and thanks.

  • SELJ

    Im one of the well TBH I am the guy who stated the war on Namco’s FB page would you please say “fighting” instead of spaming?

    BTW they said this on my birthday. =D