Preparing for E3 2010
posted on 06.10.10 at 06:16 PM EST by (@salromano)

This year’s my first E3, there’s no hiding that. I’ll be flying out to Los Angeles this Sunday and arrive at LAX airport right around the afternoon. I’m very excited to finally head out to E3 after year upon year of watching it on TV and reading about it on the net.

I did a lot of crap to prepare, though. Too much, maybe. I honestly wouldn’t know. What’s enough mean, anyway?

I was confirmed for the Electronic Entertainment Expo completely unequipped – no tools of the trade in my arsenal – well – besides a laptop. Naturally, I created a list of things I need to buy or have.


E3 on Scrawl would be non-existent without this. A laptop is mandatory for attending E3. I’ve locked down a load of appointments for publishers like Sony, Square Enix, Sega, Activision, and more, but without a laptop, where would all my effort go?

Air Card

You can’t go to E3 without an air card – or so I’m told. Otherwise, how would I live blog the press conferences for my readers? There’s no guarantee that there will be wi-fi at each press conference; they’re all held in different locations throughout the city. If you’re like me and have the desire to bring that content to the reader, then an air card is a definite must.


I actually have two of these. One of them is a Sony Cybershot that I had already owned and the other is a Kodak Zi8 that I purchased off Amazon merely because I figured bringing you high-definition 720p or 1080p footage is all the more you guys deserve. So: Cybershot for pictures, Zi8 for footage. Go.


I’ll admit I don’t have this one quite yet. I’m going to go looking around tomorrow to see if I can get a good deal on this. Luckily my Kodak Zi8 has a microphone jack, so when I’m talking to devs, you’ll be able to get (hopefully) crystal-clear sound through the mic.

Just trying to find something that doesn’t cost me a ton of money. Feel free to drop a suggestion in the comments if you know of any good ones.

Audio Recorder

This one’s optional. You may want it, you may not. I’ll play it safe with my iPhone. I think it’ll do the job. If you’re making a video but want a secondary audio source, this is a nice little addition.


Like I said, I’ve never been to E3 before but I have seen countless videos from past E3s of journalists playing booth titles while their cameramen recorded them. Unfortunately, I don’t have any cameramen with me, so I picked up this lovely 60″ Dynex tripod. That way whenever I’m playing a game worth showing, I can record it whilst playing with no problem.

Water Bottles and Food

I went out and bought a whole case of water bottles. Of course, I’m not taking them all with me, but I will be taking about ten. I took the liberty to get some snacks such as bags of pretzels, protein bars, and cereal bars, too. I might pick up some bananas in LA. I need my health. I figured being trapped in the LA Convention Center for well over ten hours will get a man hungry. A man’s gotta eat, doesn’t he?


Or else where would you put everything? I was able to snag this sexy Belkin backpack for cheap off eBay. Fits everything I’m bringing – with the exception of the tripod which just barley sticks out the top, but that’s what zippers are for.


This is the biggest one. It’s going to be tough out there on the E3 show floor trying to keep up with everything. I have a lot of appointments and a lot of moving around to do. Luckily Erren’s on the site to help us out. However, I’ll bring the best coverage that I possibly can for my readers as you guys are the ones who’ve got me here in the first place.

It’s gonna be a good E3.

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  • orrange

    Wish you guys the best of luck, and hope you have fun

  • ellejuss07

    Goodluck dude! We (readers) appreciate it! This is one of the most reliable sites for gaming news! KEep up the awesome work!

  • Falsate

    Hope you have fun. It’s nice out here too.

  • incredibilistic

    Good to know that we’ll have one of “us” on the floor rather than some bureaucratic douche-bag that’s more concerned with pleasing some CEO rather than giving gamers what they really want.

    Don’t forget to tie down everything you’re taking with you. I’d hate for you lose anything or set your tripod down to record yourself and have it walk off. For everything electronic I’d get a steal tether to connect to your backpack or your belt loop.

    Be safe out there.

  • Ruki

    Seriously, massive amounts of good luck, thank yous, and just have fun. Enjoy it for your first E3. I’ll be happy to see any and every picture/footage you get from the event! Have fun Sal!

  • It must be such a fantastic feeling to be going to E3. Best of luck with everything and most of all – enjoy it!

  • Eric

    Prepared indeed.

    Score me some S4 swag while you’re there ( lol…jk

    Looking forward to the news and I’m sure you’ll be having a blast anyway.

  • sll1cool1m

    Have fun and good louck !

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Im excited for you and have fun…. I look forward to your E3 coverage.