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Vanquish introduces mighty morphing guns
posted on 04.28.10 at 05:09 PM EST by (@salromano)

The latest issue of Swedish gaming magazine LEVEL has revealed new details on Platinum Games’ upcoming third-person shooter, Vanquish.

According to the magazine, Vanquish is a lot faster than your traditional shooter. Sam boosts from one cover point to another, everything moves fast. The only time the game really slows down is when protagonist Sam needs to take a drag on his cigarette, explaining his ARS suit’s low visor. Although Mikami admits that Vanquish looks very similar to other shooters on the outside, he saids its inside speed and tempo will set this game apart from others.

Both shooting and close quarters combat will play a big role in the game. Sam’s suit gives him brute strength, explaining the heavy emphasis on close combat. He’ll also only carry one gun, which can turn into any gun he wants thanks to the power of his suit.

The guy who wrote up the preview said he’s not too impressed by the game’s future war driven storyline or its cinematics, but says the game’s intensity is what drives it.

Vanquish director Shinji Mikami also made a crack towards when he opened the conference where this preview was held, saying: “Is there anyone from IGN here? Thanks for that God Hand review.”

Mikami. You kill.

As for more on Vanquish, just last night a batch of new screenshots were released. Check those out here.

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