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Kevin Butler advertises Move from the future
posted on 03.17.10 at 10:31 PM EST by (@salromano)

What’s funnier than watching a Kevin Butler PlayStation 3 commercial from the present? Watching a Kevin Butler commercial from the future, obviously.

In a new commercial posted on his YouTube account, Kevin Butler, or Ol’ KB, comes to you from the future of November 2010 to talk about the PlayStation Move’s “incredible success”. He takes a few cracks at the Wii’s motion controls and Natal’s lack of buttons, as well.

He’s right. Boxers don’t hit like that.

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  • incredibilistic

    This commercial nearly brought me to tears when he used his hands as a gun pretending to shoot.

    It might be a little premature to start pissing on Natal since Microsoft hasn’t shown their entire hand of cards just yet but it’s highly memorable and will probably be in the back of everyone’s mind come E3 as Microsoft will have no choice but to respond.

    But how can they respond to not having buttons?

    Actually at last year’s E3 when they first showed Natal Microsoft took some pot shots at the Wii by saying that you have to actually move your body, not just sit back and waggle a controller.

  • comedian

    This ad is hilarious :)