DICE lighting artist working on Mirror's Edge 2 - Gematsu
DICE lighting artist working on Mirror’s Edge 2
posted on 12.01.09 at 07:54 PM EST by (@salromano)


Oscar Carlén, a lighting artist at DICE, has listed both Mirror’s Edge 2 and Battlfield 3 under his “2009-present” section of his work on his personal website. One of these games is unannounced, that being a Mirror’s Edge sequel.

Shortly after JoyStiq picked up this slip-up, Carlén edited the website, chaning his “2009-present” section to say ” Lighting at EA DICE (Move along, nothing to see here…)”.

Mirror’s Edge 2 confirmed?

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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Mirror’s Edge was a great game but I hope this one is third person.

  • incredibilistic

    Doubt it since that was the draw and allure of the first game. If they went 3rd person they would be dishonoring the spirit of the game and what made it unique.

    I enjoyed the first game. I never finished it (I plan to) but the experience was different and I appreciated it for trying something different. It wasn’t always the smoothest experience but that was the challenge of the game. I just hope the story gets an upgrade.

  • I loved the first game, very original and well thought out. I hope they stick to the same Orwellian theme and unique feeling of the city, which was one of the draws which made the runners a great concept.


    Yes, PLEASE BLESS US WITH MIRROR”S EDGE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DICE has actually already said they are making a sequel).