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We have 300 Bayonetta demo codes, all for you
posted on 11.23.09 at 07:51 PM EST by (@salromano)


Note: This giveaway is for US/Canadia-based Xbox 360 owners only. Not my doing, but after giving away a few codes to UK residents and it being invalid, I contacted Sega and they let me know these codes will only work on US/Canadian systems.

Holy cow! Our friends at Sega have passed us over 300 Bayonetta demo codes for Xbox 360, all to give away to our readers and followers. So we will do just that, since we love you guys so freaking much (especially you! – standing right over there).

You’re probably thinking, “but what must I do to win myself a super fantastical demo code, Sal?” It’s quite simple, really. We like comments. Give us just those and you’ll get what you desire. We’re gonna do this on a first come, first-serve basis, so if you comment, you’ve secured your code.

I’m going to try to get each code out to the winners as fast as I can. There’s three-hundred so cut me some slack if I don’t get it to you at lightning speed. I’m just one guy. ;-)

There’s one rule here. Don’t spam. Or else.

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  • MainEv3nt 69

    i would like a code

  • kamkilla18


  • vspectra

    may I have a code please.

  • Notinthekkkdammit

    She really doesn’t look like Sarah Palin. Still, if there’s one thing that makes sense, its a demo code.

  • GametimeUK

    I would love a code… I am a huge fan of the artistic design of the game and I would love to check it out… The gameplay looks so fluid and amazin :D

  • Towkneee

    I would love a code also….been waiting to play this game for so long!

  • Eidderf

    Good Sir, I would like to request a code in order to furthur my knowledge of crazy women fighting demonic angels, a topic I find unrepresented in todays society

  • LoveToResearch

    You guys created the most awesome website! TRULY AWESOME! By the way, I’d love to have one code…You have my gratitude. TRULY.

  • Chadness

    I’d love a code. You guys rock!

  • toine1183

    i can’t wait till this comes out, i would love a code tho

  • windmill145

    A demo that allows me to play as the gov of Alaska, Sarah Palin? Count me in

  • darkequitus

    @Notinthekkkdammit I think she look like Liz Hurley wearing Palin glasses.

  • GhillieInTheMist

    May i have a code please this site is awesome.

  • nskinnear

    May I please have a code? :)

  • ionicmoose

    You like comments. I like comments. Here’s a comment for you :) and a thank you!

  • o41791

    rite here HELLO!!

  • alka

    thanks I wanna play this demo. Can you give one?

  • afgavinstan

    Hello there, can I have one?
    Thank you,

  • Bapetacular

    I would love me a code. Please and thank you. :)

  • Moosh

    I’d love a code to this please. Been dying to try it. =)

  • dvante

    I want one code!!
    [email protected]

    Thanks! =D

  • PrototypeFate

    Could I please have a Bayonetta demo codes for my 360

  • streetballdude

    Could I please have a code?

  • panogreco

    I would like a code thx

  • Twdll

    HELLOO! Code would be sweet, thanks for getting them out.

  • AlucardX24

    Please send me one!

  • dolphinn64

    I really wanna play this demo, please!

  • alfredofreak

    Please pass me a code. I would really appreciate it! =D

  • glazun

    Code is nice :D

  • biganes

    I will take one of thy codes!

  • halcyonsentinel

    Hey, could I have a code? Thanks tons, you rock!

    • comedian

      Since I don’t own an xbox 360, I don’t really care. But if you own a PS3, you can create a jap account and download the japanese demo for free :)

  • Vengeful

    I would appreciate a code.

  • Nomadic

    May I have a code? Thanks much!

  • Gmacrusher

    Let me take that code off your hands dawg! =D

  • xxcheifxx

    i have been watching every video every bit of news about this game since they first annouced it…………it gonna be hottt

  • Keegs79

    I would like to get my hands on one of those codes.

  • ImSoForKingBedS

    I am so looking forward to this game I already have it preordered and have watched every video I can get my hands on. I would love to have a demo code for my XBOX360 please!!!!!!!

  • Kilo720

    i would like a code thank scrawl

  • bronxbomber

    i can haz demo code?

  • marikotohno

    May I have a code? Btw, this website is awesome. Very informative.

  • lionheartghost

    Oh wow, I would love to try out Bayonetta.

  • I would like a code! Been wanting to check this game out!

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    I would like a code…Bayonetta is madd hot

  • Pred190

    Hey give me a code plz!!!

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    Wow thanks Sal Romano for the Code

  • Shade2001

    Ow PLZ give me a code!!!

  • designerdrugs

    I hope its not to late to get a demo code!

    • Also I think its really rad the developer/publisher gave you 300 codes to distribute to your readers! Thats the way they should treat their media!

    • I just got my demo code! thank you so much! everyone who gets their code better say thank you to the editor as well! Jerks.

  • zingodude

    I would like a code please. Thanks!

  • Xelloss

    Hey so thats a lot of codes.

  • callofdutyhead

    are there any demo codes left i would really like to have one my email is [email protected]

  • Savs

    I would love a code if you have any left!

  • Servizio

    Code me!

  • Lowzin

    I would really love a code, can’t wait to play the demo. gamertag’s xLowzin, in case you need it

  • Daveydave

    would love a code :) and also because of this found a cool new site to visit!
    Win! :)

  • Keylay

    May I have a demo code please :)

  • Plywood

    Still giving codes? Would love one.

  • Maddog

    I’d love a code thanks.

  • Grady Durden

    May I have a code, please? I’m glad I found this site! Thank you.

  • twinmatrix101

    I would love a code.

  • Ricer

    A code would be awesome.

  • maxxxrebo


  • neospike

    May I please have a Bayonetta demo code? Please?

  • phoenixsft

    aaah I can’t wait to try this game, all the previews I’ve seen have been glowing!

  • kai3345

    Woo! Bayonetta is gonna be sweet!

  • kreven

    Gimme some Bayonetta action!

  • ChronicleX

    Code me =P

  • stairs14

    oh wow, could i have a code….

  • GUInterface

    *licks Sal*

  • F8AL

    I’d like a Bayonetta demo code please!

  • gatto

    Would be great if i can get the demo code. Thanks

  • Cinara

    I would love a Bayonetta code!

  • Bombs

    This game is going to be great!

  • Greg4cr

    This game looks super great.

  • maestro17

    bayonetta code? yes please! :)

  • h3nch

    i want one please

  • plumpman

    Awesome. Would love to try out bayonetta early. Hopefully it lives up to the likes of DMC4!!

  • henchturk

    me please :)

  • Justin_iZ_Here

    can i have one?

  • phatl

    a code would be really cool. thanks

  • kingdong

    i would like a code because im the dongmeister


    I would like a code.

    • Snuggler

      I would greatly appreciate to be given a series of numbers that allows me to play a demo version of Bayonetta.

  • JacobHK


  • Legacy

    Can I have a demo code please.

  • crzyjoeguy

    can i get a demo code? game looks awesome

  • reformed stoner

    cool hope i get a code

  • danpoo4sho

    Bayonetta iz da shiznit I. Must. Have. Code

  • fresh02_88

    Can I have a code?

  • progman3

    nice site! code please?

  • mikefitz

    Can I please have a Bayonetta code? Thanks!

  • Kizumy

    im from UK and id like a demo too…but will it work ?

  • Sal

    Alright guys, comments are closed. The Bayonetta demo will release to the public today so there’s no more need for these codes. Thanks to all those who participated! =D