Twitter, Facebook update for Xbox 360 will "just appear" tomorrow - Gematsu
Twitter, Facebook update for Xbox 360 will “just appear” tomorrow
posted on 11.16.09 at 05:57 PM EST by (@salromano)


According to Major Nelson, tomorrow when you turn on your Xbox 360 expecting an update prompt for Facebook, Twitter, and, you won’t get one. Apparently, the new stuff will “just appear” with no system update required.

“When we turn on the new features tomorrow they’ll just appear! No need for a system update.” Major Nelson wrote in a Twitter status update.

Magical, isn’t it. Almost like Lucky Charms.

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  • incredibilistic

    No different than the upcoming FB app for the PS3, unless they can find a way to tie this into gaming, and quickly, I don’t see this being used that often.

    A great means to do a picture gallery for your friends’ FB photos but otherwise, I’d just assume access this stuff from a computer. There are so many websites that tie into FB that it just seems like there’s no need to have this on a console.

    It’ll be interesting to see if developers start creating ways for gamers to connect their FB profiles and if anyone has any innovative ways to connect and share information.

    I think Sony should go the extra mile with FB by scrapping Home and just allow people to use their FB profiles to log into the PSN.