FFXIII to include FFXIV beta code; Hope's summon, Chocobos in leaked Jump scans - Gematsu
FFXIII to include FFXIV beta code; Hope’s summon, Chocobos in leaked Jump scans
posted on 11.06.09 at 06:46 AM EST by (@salromano)


Update: High-res scans here.

Original: Next week’s Shonen Jump has leaked a bit early, considering it’s still Friday, but we have them. The new scans reveal both Hope’s summon Alexander in Final Fantasy XIII as well as what the beloved Chocobo will look like this time around.

The magazine also reveals that Final Fantasy XIII in Japan will come with beta access to Final Fantasy XIV.

Next week’s Famitsu will feature this information as well. We’ll have scans for that come its release.



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  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    YES! Chocobo Riding!! Alexander and Hope wouldnt of guessed that one, now if they would show Vanille’s summon.

  • Xelloss

    I hope the US version comes with Beta code too. I am surprised they will be giving beta codes at all with 13. That’s going to be hundreds of the thousands of people, talk about stress testing the servers.

    • miguel_the_great

      i doubt the us version will get the beta access square enix wil probably announce that it is unfair that to the xbox version juts like they did for the Japanese voice overs

      • Sal

        You never know. It could happen.

  • Great Screenshots! I love Chocobo’s!