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Alan Wake Gets a Possible 2009 Release
posted on 01.01.09 at 06:57 PM EST by (@)

Alan Wake

In development for three years, Alan Wake, the mysterious game about Alan Wake, a best-selling writer and the strange happenings in the small town of Bright Falls, Washington, finally has a release date attached to it…. well, almost.

CVG reports that while Remedy Entertainment still hasn’t released any new info on Alan Wake, much less let anyone play it, they have “confirmed” a release date. Alan Wake is set to be released sometime in 2009, with CVG guessing sometime around autumn.

Alan Wake Preview []

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  • incredibilistic

    Wow. If that screenshot is from the game… wow!!!

    The game looks great but for some reason I don’t see this going well. Similar to all the hype Alone in the Dark got (which was also shrouded a bit from public eyes or hands-on time with the game) and eventually got panned by the critics. I played the demo and was marginally impressed but mostly confused by the gameplay.

    I also think that Alan Wake, like Alone, is treading into Silent Hill territory and even that game has lost its soul since, well, the first and second games. Sony tried it with Blood Curse and didn’t do so well although breaking up the game into bite-sized pieces was novel.

    I don’t know, if the game’s been in development for 3 years and the developers won’t let anyone play it makes me suspicious that it’ll be a success. The fact that you play the entire game with only a flashlight as your main weapon is enough to turn me off. There was another game (can’t think of the name but I’m sure it was on the PS2) that had you using a camera as the main weapon. It might’ve done just “okay” but I don’t think it broke any sales records. I just don’t see how much fun you can have with a flashlight.

    While I’m on the subject, how much replay value can you have with a game that’s trying to scare you with certain scenes that you’ll either memorize from dying a million times?

    Anyway, the game looks great but with being so long in the oven I don’t see this coming out sweet and tender but instead dry and undesirable.

    • Geoff Hath

      I am very optimistic because Microsoft Game Studios IS publishing this game. See more screens of the game at, they are stunning!

  • Skittles

    Wonder what the 360 version looks like. =D

    • incredibilistic

      I assume you’re being sarcastic since the game is ONLY for the 360. This certainly doesn’t help the idea that the PS3 is more powerful when games look this good on the 360.

      • Joey Guerrero

        Since Microsoft has it’s fair share in this game, it’s also going to be released on Vista. It is exclusive to the 360 though.

      • Skittles

        Game is PC/360 dude…