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The 400GB Blu-Ray disc, by Pioneer
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Pioneer's Blu-Ray Disc

Pioneer recently showcased their latest endeavor, the 400GB Blu-Ray disc.

The disc, which consists of 16 optical layers that have a total of 25 GB capacity, won’t be released until 2010 but will work on all current Blu-Ray players, including the Sony PlayStation 3. Pioneer hopes to have the 400GB read-only memory (ROM) discs ready by 2010, with rewritable discs by 2012, and 1TB BR discs by 2013.

Hideo Kojima must be happy.

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  • incredibilistic

    With Blu-ray development planned as far out 2013 I don’t see how Microsoft will be able to create another console without having a Blu-ray drive. Or are they hoping that by 2010 (or whenever they decide to drop their next console) that the entire world will be on fiber optic lines and have download speeds in the 100MB?

    I’m okay with saving my movie collection to an HDD so long as it’s not locked down by DRM. So long as I can burn then data to a BD-R — it would help if the PS4 had this capability — then I’m okay with it. Otherwise they can keep all this digital download s*** and let me keep my movie collection disc where it belongs.

    The last thing I’ll say is will all this memory come with a price of slower read speeds? No good having a lot of data if it means the laser can’t pick it up fast enough. And what about the RAM on the console? The PS4 better have like 8 to 12GB of RAM in order to hold onto most of the information so the disc doesn’t have to spin and toast the system. Either that or sound like a wind turbine each time it tries to load a level.

  • FiftyQuid

    @incredibilistic ~ all valid concerns, but you need to relax. You’re worrying about the PS4! LOL.

    400GB! That is an incredible amount of porn!