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Sigh: Soulja Boy Getting His Own Xbox 360 Title in 2009
posted on 12.08.08 at 02:59 PM EST by (@salromano)

Apparently, all the smack-talk Soulja Boy has let out on the internet about himself being the best gamer on Xbox LIVE has gotten him noticed by video game publishers. Now, he is working with one of them towards the creation of a Soulja Boy video game, whoopee isn’t that just fantastic!?

“Soulja Boy video game is coming for Xbox 360 in 2009. After I put the Xbox 360 challenge up on the Internet, it was over all these video game sites. And a couple video game companies hit me up on my email because I put the email on there too. And hit me up like, “Blah, blah, blah, blah.” So I was like, “Oh snaps!” So I forwarded to my management, and they forwarded to my label. And now we’re doing the video game.”

He even compares it to how he got signed for his music.

“It was the same way I got signed for my music. It’s like history repeating itself, but instead of music this time it’s about video games.”

So were the people who signed you for your music stupid as well?

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