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Harmonix Domination: Over 28 Million Songs Downloaded
posted on 12.12.08 at 12:16 AM EST by (@)


The blogosphere is reporting today that Rock Band and Harmonix have provided so many songs that over 28 million have been downloaded today. Although I’m skeptical of this because it doesn’t breakdown free or paid downloadable content, but this is still a staggering number. If this is true, Harmonix has shown us how a game can become a platform for content and a steady stream of revenue. I know that the developer will continue to support their games and bring more and more new bands/songs to the masses. This point is proven easily by the recent announcement of the release of country songs, which opens a completely untapped genre to the game developer. Keep up the great work and hopefully there might be a resume sent your way in the future Harmonix.

The founders of Harmonix received a $300 million dollar bonus from their bosses at Viacom. Talk about a pay day!

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  • curriesucks

    I’m still waiting for rock band 2 to even come out where I live lol but I can’t wait to get it when it does.

    • Geoff Hath

      Europe or Canada?

      • curriesucks


        • Geoff Hath

          That is just a part of life for you, I know, we have the same type of thing with Japan, especially Sony and Nintendo.