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SOE President Talks MMO’s
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It looks like there’s big things in store for MMO fans in the future. MTV Multiplayer sat down with SOE president John Smedley who answered a bunch of questions regarding the future of MMO’s and what role SOE will play in the big picture.

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It looks as though SOE will be moving away from subscription-based games and moving more towards a free-to-play model. He explained that this will take away a barrier that may have prevented people from playing these types of games in the past. He also mentioned “microtransactions” as a way to provide a revenue stream and said that players got easily accustomed to them in Everquest and Everquest 2. Microtransactions are simply small purchases that players make for in-game items using real money.

John also said that things are going great at SOE and that they’re working on a few console MMO’s at the moment. Sony’s resources have been an asset to the company and it looks like The Agency and DC Universe Online are on target to release on both the PS3 and PC simultaneously. He also hopes “to see a whole new generation of players that have been playing Resistance now start getting introduced to MMOs” and hopes that they are able to offer games that appeal to a broader demographic than the usual fantasy type MMO.

PSP owners will be glad to hear that the company is thinking about making an MMO for them. He also teased fans at the end of the interview that “Everquest has not seen its last game”. I used to be a big World of Warcraft player so it’s good to hear so much going on in the world of console MMO’s.

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