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David Jaffe On Twisted Metal PS3: “Fuck Off”
posted on 10.31.08 at 05:24 AM EST by (@salromano)

David Jaffe has a way with words. He uses them in a very vulgar manner. At the recent GameCity Festival in Nottingham, Jaffe had to communicate with an audience through an instant messenger due to audio problems.

When a Twisted Metal fan asked Jaffe “Are you developing Twisted Metal for PS3 David “YES OR NO”, Jaffe replied:

“We haven’t announced anything yet… now fuck off.”

His words are just so beautiful *sheds tear*.

[Jaffe tells Nottingham to “f*** off”]

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  • FiftyQuid

    I think his response was over the top, but appreciate the bluntness of it.

  • Shoelace

    What a fag. So unprofessional.

  • FiftyQuid

    LOL. Nicely done Shoelace.