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Urban Race Announced for 360, Features Burger King
posted on 08.12.08 at 11:56 AM EST by (@salromano)

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10tacle Studios has today announced Urban Race, their upcoming mix of parkour, racing, aggressive and violent takedowns, and pure awseomness. Races take place in urban environments (obviously) such as industrialized areas, cities, or ruins. The first player to complete the race wins, and you can bring your opponent all the pain you want.

Up to four racers can go at once with obsticals ready to distract you.

Races go from cities featuring skyscrapers, rooftops, shopping avenues, back alleys as well as more industrial settings like docks or a junkyard.

The game lets you find films such as ,em>Banlieue 13, Yamakasi, or even Casino Royale. Not sure what those do though.

Players can perform takedowns on each other when close-by. These are violent interactions between two players which make the victim stumble and fall as well as lose some adrenaline. Your adrenaline allows the player to boost your character’s speed for a short time.

The player also picks up items in every level in which he can use or throw at the enemy. Examples:

  • Throw a Chihuahua to bite the opponent’s leg and slow him down.
  • Throw a bucket of paint, painting the opponent’s screen with a specified color.
  • Throw a trash can lid.
  • Drop a granny on the path to block other players.

The game features offbeat humor and optional game modes. Examples:

  • King of the Chihuahua: Keep the Chihuahua for the longest in a given time. Each takedown or hit makes you lose the Chihuahua.
  • Take Me Down: One takedown means losing, the last alive is the winner.
  • Throw Arena: Players get a full adrenaline bar in an arena full of throwable objects. When the adrenaline bar is empty, the player loses.
  • Paint It Black: Each time the player gets a bucket of paint a part of his screen gets painted. When the screen is full of paint, he loses.

As of now, there is no said release date as the game is still in need of a publisher. Oh, did we mention the game features Burger King as well as Red Bull cans?

[‘Urban Race’ (X360/PC) Looking for A Publisher – Screens & Trailer]

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  • Shoelace

    Anyone know what song that is? Sounds like the Beastie Boys.

  • incredibilistic

    Here’s a game where I’m really jealous of 360 fans! It’s like someone took the Mirror’s Edge idea, made it 3rd person and mixed a bit of old-school Road Rage. Love the wanna-be Prince of Persia cell-shaded-like graphics too.

    Maybe us PS3 owners will get lucky and they’ll go multiplatform.

  • Sal


    It is “Jimmy James” by the Beastie Boys. =]