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Final Fantasy Versus XIII still PS3 exclusive
posted on 07.14.08 at 04:29 PM EST by (@salromano)

Kotaku have confirmed that unlike Final Fantasy XIII, Fabula Nova Crystallis’ other title Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still exclusive to PlayStation 3. In their Square Enix conference live blog, they ask the big question.

Question: “Will FF Versus 13 be multi plat?”

Hashimoto: No.

Well, there is one still secured for the Sony platform.

[Liveblogging Square Enix Press Conference]

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  • jamhai

    GO NOMURA!!!
    Your my last hope for Sony, please don’t let me down!! Cmon, bring out KH3 for PS3!!!

  • DevilVergilX


  • FiftyQuid

    Didn’t I just read a post here that it would be multiplatform? Man you guys are quick with that DELETE key. :)

  • josh1122

    Well they said before FF13 would be exclusive and look what happened.

    Hopefully they stay true to their word this time

  • Caelum

    Nomura is a Xbox360 hater…FF13 is being made by Kitase, Hashimoto and Toriyama on that project Nomura is only the Charc. Designer, but in Versus XIII he’s the producer, director and also the character design, so of course he can decide to bring it over to Xbox360, but he has already stated that he just doesn’t like the 360.