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Bring on the PAIN: New Level Showcased
posted on 07.09.08 at 11:30 AM EST by (@)

Maybe you are familiar with PAIN, maybe you aren’t. When PAIN first released on the PSN it only had one level and focused on launching your character across the level and causing as much destruction as possible. The level, Downtown, was not that large, but proved to be a hit for many people. The game might not be your cup of tea, but it sure has sold enough on the PSN to make the developers continue working on the project.

Today, we have a trailer for the new Amusement Park level that is coming to the game soon. The park is bigger than the previous level and seems much more interesting as well. The update also includes the sorely lacking multiplayer feature online and the newly implemented trophy support. The update will run you “less than $6.99” and if you were ever interested in PAIN, this is probably the best update so far. Enjoy the video.

[PAIN Amusement Park: First Trailer and Preview]

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