SOCOM: Confrontation Media Day - Gematsu
SOCOM: Confrontation Media Day
posted on 06.30.08 at 06:57 PM EST by (@)

The guys over at Slant Six Games recently just held a “media day” for SOCOM: Confrontation. Throughout the even new info was given and more importantly plenty of gameplay videos. With that being said there has been an influx of videos, which if you are a SOCOM fanatic will put you in your glory, but will also take a good deal of time watching. If you are ready for a whole bunch of action look no further as we have all the information covered.

First up, we have video flythroughs of the three of the levels: Crossroads, Kasbah, and Quarantine

Gameplay Videos:

Kasbah Gameplay:

Quarantine Gameplay:

Developer Game Demo:

Hostage Extraction:


Next up, if you are interested in some more know how, the official SOCOM blog presented six articles about the day and the adventure that it was.

Media Day 01: Getting It In
Media Day 02: Armory
Media Day 03: Bluetooth®!?
Media Day 04: Don’t Rock the Kasbah
Media Day 05: Classic or Default?
Media Day 06: SOCOM Features

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  • incredibilistic

    This is totally off subject but anyone notice that Sony’s no longer using Crackle as their video delivery method? Looks like Viddler is the new site.

    Crackle’s gone from YouTube wannabe to a Hulu wannabe offering TV shows (didn’t notice any movies). It’s been so long I’ve forgotten what the name was before (something random having nothing to do with videos) but it’s amazing what can happen when you’re bought out by Sony (whether you decipher that as good or bad is up to you).

    Anyway, the footage looks okay. Not groundbreaking or anything but looks pretty good. Kind of reminds of how Warhawk looked to me. Not great but fun to play. Not insane fun like CoD4 but fun all the same.

  • Eric

    Personally I find COD repetitive and boring. SOCOM is a tactical shooter not a respawn run and gun sort of game. The gameplay isnt groundbreaking in graphics as its a downloadable game, but SOCOM is groundbreaking in clan setups, online community, and the actual gameplay. Very few games are round based and not respawn.

    And its not necessarily groundbreaking since that has been the Socom formula since day one, but to me Socom hands down trumps all other shooters out there. No question about it.

  • Shibbs

    You’ve never been in a Free4All room then eric lol, cause socom turns exactly into a respawn run and gun, more chaotic than COD4.

  • Eric

    Sure Socom has a respawn mode, but 95% of the Socom community doesnt play it. So while you can play respawn, thats really a small mode that people just use to mess around in.