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Rumor: “PS3mote” in Development
posted on 06.02.08 at 06:13 PM EST by (@)

You may have heard this from the latest EGM, but here is a bit more on it. Rumor has it that the PlayStation Underground held a secret focus group earlier this year. A small group of PS3 owners were sent to a facility in ****** ****, California to test a new PlayStation product in development. These PS3 owners were shown a mini-tripod that stood about 12 inches high and held the “PS3mote”.

You can supposedly have up to 4 of the “PS3motes” connected at one time. The focus group also supposedly got to see the controllers capabilities and got to play a range of mini games, such as tennis, fencing, and a paintball game.

Right now this is strictly a rumor and sounds just basically like a “wiimote”, so we will have to listen out for more info in the future.

Note: Picture is not real image.

[Focus Group gets Hands on]

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