Rumor: New Information on BioShock for PS3
posted on 06.16.08 at 05:48 PM EST by (@cyncronized)

Some new information of BioShock on the PLAYSTATION 3 has surfaced from PlayStation Lifestyle. Since it is not officially confirmed, we will classify it as a rumor, however. Lets take a look.

• New opening video around 6 minutes long on how life was like before Rapture went bad. Original video starts after this one ends.
• Trophies of course will be in the game.
• Exclusive new level, with 2 new enemies, thought to be the ‘zoo’ level that was excluded from the original 360 edition due to running out of time.
• Some levels may have been tweaked from the 360 version.
• All downloadable content after the release will be free.
• The game will take advantage of the SIXAXIS motion sensing technology.
• Slightly better Graphics, less pop-up and loading times decreased thanks to hard drive install.

Yeah, that all sounds good, but I’m not so fond of hard-drive installs. It should be optional.

[Rumor: Exclusive Info on Bioshock]

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  • Skittles

    seriously, stop bitching about the hard-drive installs.

    awesome new info :D