Will You Buy Bioshock if it Comes to the PS3?
posted on 05.18.08 at 12:27 AM EDT by (@salromano)

Here is what we want to know. There has been rumors around the net lately saying that Bioshock will be hitting the PLAYSTATION 3 in September 2008. Usually, when 2K was asked about Bioshock for the PLAYSTATION 3, they would give us a straight up “no”. This time, when contacted, 2K stated:

“2K has not made any announcements regarding a PS3 version, which makes it a rumor and it is company policy to not comment on rumors. Please note that we have you coded to receive all press releases, so when any significant company news breaks, you’ll be on the front lines of receiving an official notification.”

We smell something suspicious. With them looking for PLAYSTATION 3 coders a few months ago, we are pretty sure the big daddies will be stomping onto the PLAYSTATION 3 soon enough. So what we want to know now is, if Bioshock really does come to the PLAYSTATION 3, will you buy it?

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  • QbanBoi

    They are only 3 games that will make me buy a 360 and Bioshock is one of them. But hey, if it comes to the Ps3 it will be $400 i will save ^^.

  • BandAiD

    I’ll just rent, I don’t buy year old ports. The way I see it, if a company wants my money, and the game is good, they’ll do a multiplat release. Otherwise it’s like sloppy seconds to me.

  • incredibilistic

    Could’ve have said it better myself BandAiD. I felt the same way about Lost Planet. The game didn’t hit the PS3 until well over a year and Capcom didn’t even bother to enhance the graphics after all that time.

    I also agree on the idea that if a game company wants my money they’ll earn it by bringing me the game while it’s still hot. Which is why I’ll (probably) NEVER buy Left 4 Dead. The developers said that they’ll use the 360 as a testing ground to see if the franchise is worth the effort of bringing it over to the PS3. WHAT?! That’s a blatant message that my system of choice is not worth the time.

    Having said all that if they manage to do something special with Bioshock then MAYBE I’ll consider buying it but they’ll have to do more than just add a few more rooms or weapons.

  • makeyoubald

    I will be very tempted to go for it, but, like others, I’d be a bit hesitant considering it’s a port. I’m not the type to rent games – I either buy it or shrug it off.