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The Ant Commandos Release Guitar Hero/Rock Band Compatible Guitars
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In need of another guitar for Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band? Better yet, in need of a guitar that works for both? Or even better, in need of a guitar compatible with GH3, Rock Band, and all PS2 Guitar Hero games? The Ant Commandos (TAC) have exactly what you are looking for as they have just released a line of guitars compatible with all of these games. Touting their new line of wireless guitars as the “4 in 1” guitars, they help to reduce the hassle of switching peripherals from game to game. It doesn’t hurt that they look pretty sweet as well. Always another bonus is the ability to have some major rocking out sessions with your friends and family.

From the Press Release:

TAC has today (May 22nd) released the V Shaped Double Range Guitar ranging in colors from flame red and electric blue, to jet black and is now available at an SRP of $59.99. If you buy directly from their website, the guitars are currently listed for $49.99. The Bass styled “Widow Maker” is also available, but at the initial price of $59.99.

TAC’s Double Range Guitar enhances players’ gameplay experience no matter which music-inclined video game or PlayStation system they are using. By utilizing 2.4GHz Wireless technology, players can hurl themselves around as they thrash to the beat, up to 30 feet away from the console. A second set of FeatherTouch fret buttons on its Xtended Fret Array allows players to fully take advantage of experiencing a full range when performing earth-shattering solos, then using the higher set for rhythm parts. The Double Range’s lower 5 buttons are 100% compatible with Rock Band’s Solo Guitar play and it offers a 5-way switch to support the sound effect feature in Rock Band. When playing Guitar Hero, the lower 5 buttons behave just like the top 5 buttons, thus allowing gamers to simulate solo action in Guitar Hero I, II, and III. Additionally, gamers will be able to rock out like a true musician with the 360FLY Clip, a special belt clip that attaches to the guitar with a single pivot point, allowing players to wildly spin the guitar to replicate the moves of their favorite famous guitarists.

Compatibility Matrix:

  1. Guitar Hero I, II, III for PlayStation 2*
  2. Guitar Hero III for PlayStation 3
  3. Rock Band for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3

*Note that the guitars do not allow the PS2 versions of Guitar Hero to play on the PS3.

One other unique feature of the guitars is they come with the 360FLY Function. This is a button clip that attaches the guitar to your straps or belt loops and allows you to spin the guitar 360 degrees. To get a better idea, watch the video.


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  • TuxBobble

    I’d really love to find a review of these guitars somewhere. I waited a long time to see them released in “Mid-April” (they used to claim that’s when they would ship) and I decided to just go with a Nyko FrontMan. But if the guitar is good enough I might ditch my original RedOctane/Activision Les Paul and try one of these out…Nice to have interoperability between games, and the second set of frets for RB…