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Tell Your Friends
posted on 05.23.08 at 12:06 AM EST by (@salromano)

Now, we don’t mean to be conceited, but we do think we are one of the best PLAYSTATION gaming sites on the internet. We give our readers constant updates, and the latest in news as soon as possible with a staff of only 3 writers. We think that is pretty good. Thing is, we are not getting the amount of traffic that we should be. Help us out, tell your friends, family, roommates, and pet animals. We want to be your source for PLAYSTATION news.

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  • Skittles

    i agree. your much better then ALOT of news sites(for ps3 news), you deserve to glot. i shall tell other people about you!

  • Kidfly129

    i agree u guys are awesome i was told by someone!!

  • oval

    i will :)

  • your wish is my command ;-)

  • Fiddlesworth

    If you keep complaining about HDD installations you’ll quickly become one of the worst sites.

  • bunnyhero

    i’m sure changing the name and url hasn’t helped…

  • H0rr0rist

    onaxis was a better name when telling about your website in a game of warhawk,now im must repeat myself a couple of time for them to get the name