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First look: The Guns of Killzone 2
posted on 05.13.08 at 07:38 PM EST by (@)

Killzone 2 launches in February. We have been subject to many delays and a great deal of anticipation and unfortunately we still have awhile to wait before we can get our hands on this beautiful looking game. Good thing we have games like Metal Gear Solid coming out soon to tide us over right? Well, in case you still aren’t satisfied yet and still want some more Killzone previews, then we have a little bit right here to help wet your palette. Below we will see some of the weaponry that will be contained within the game and I must say the weapon models for this game are looking fantastic.

1. ISA Assault Rifle

All I can say here is the detail on this gun as you can see in the shot is amazing. Expect to use this gun as your main weapon throughout the game.

2. Shotgun

Blasting some Helghast in close quarters probably couldn’t be any more fun than with this fancy looking shottie.

Some other guns featured are listed below. We don’t have specific names for them yet, but you get the idea:

Machine Gun


Misc. Rifle (Potentially Shotgun/Rifle Combo)


Rocket Launcher

If you want to see some more opinions, screens, and info on the guns, hit the link for the PSU feature.


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