Yoshinori Kitase Updates
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for PC slated for December
Published 1 month ago. 36 comments.
Final Fantasy VII Remake battle system in trial-and-error phase
Published 3 months ago. 470 comments.
Final Fantasy XV is "quite far into development"
Published 2 years ago. 166 comments.
Kitase interested in more Final Fantasy HD remasters
Published 2 years ago. 102 comments.
New Final Fantasy XIII project "just started running"
Published 3 years ago. 37 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 heads tease new project
Published 3 years ago. 141 comments.
Kitase: Final Fantasy XIII-2 'the first time we used western testers'
Published 4 years ago. 44 comments.
Square Enix on Final Fantasy Versus XIII: "People will be excited when they next see it"
Published 4 years ago. 35 comments.
Final Fantasy X HD still early in development
Published 4 years ago. 30 comments.
Dengeki shares new Final Fantasy XIII-2 tidbits
Published 4 years ago. 9 comments.
Kitase: A Final Fantasy VII remake would 'delete things, add elements'
Published 4 years ago. 44 comments.
Square aiming for shorter development time on Final Fantasy titles
Published 4 years ago. 32 comments.
Kitase: Final Fantasy XV could be an action RPG
Published 4 years ago. 25 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have one or two DLC updates a month
Published 4 years ago. 13 comments.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 has its own Gold Saucer
Published 4 years ago. 12 comments.
Final Fantasy Versus XIII in full production
Published 4 years ago. 35 comments.