tri-Ace Updates
Exist Archive 'Miwakawa Ranze' character introduction trailer
Published 15 hours ago. 12 comments.
Star Ocean 5 delayed to March 31 in Japan
Published 16 hours ago. 57 comments.
Exist Archive 'Kujo Kanata' character introduction trailer
Published 2 days ago. 23 comments.
Exist Archive introduction trailer
Published 2 weeks ago. 51 comments.
Exist Archive Japanese pre-orders include reversible cover
Published 3 weeks ago. 20 comments.
46 minutes of Star Ocean 5 gameplay
Published 3 weeks ago. 104 comments.
Exist Archive opening movie
Published 3 weeks ago. 24 comments.
Star Ocean 5 broadcast slated for November 12
Published 3 weeks ago. 19 comments.
Star Ocean 5 details and screenshots: Emerson, Anne, and battle roles
Published 3 weeks ago. 83 comments.
Star Ocean 5 Japanese first-print and pre-order bonuses announced
Published 4 weeks ago. 50 comments.
Star Ocean 5 introduces new characters Emerson and Anne
Published 4 weeks ago. 89 comments.
Exist Archive four-minute trailer
Published 1 month ago. 27 comments.
Star Ocean: Second Evolution for PS4, PS Vita launches October in Japan
Published 2 months ago. 130 comments.
Exist Archive Japanese box art
Published 2 months ago. 28 comments.
Star Ocean 5 extended trailer
Published 2 months ago. 39 comments.
Star Ocean 5 details and screenshots: prologue, characters, and battle system
Published 2 months ago. 290 comments.