tri-Ace Updates
Exist Archive Japanese box art
Published 5 days ago. 28 comments.
Star Ocean 5 extended trailer
Published 5 days ago. 34 comments.
Star Ocean 5 details and screenshots: prologue, characters, and battle system
Published 1 week ago. 283 comments.
Star Ocean 5's first five characters detailed
Published 2 weeks ago. 105 comments.
Star Ocean 5 Ultimate Box announced for Japan
Published 3 weeks ago. 119 comments.
Star Ocean: Second Evolution coming to PS Vita, PS4
Published 3 weeks ago. 89 comments.
Star Ocean 5 TGS 2015 gameplay, screenshots
Published 3 weeks ago. 191 comments.
Star Ocean 5 launches February 25 in Japan
Published 3 weeks ago. 90 comments.
Grand Kingdom and Exist Archive delayed to November and December in Japan
Published 1 month ago. 28 comments.
Exist Archive screenshots, new character artwork
Published 2 months ago. 79 comments.
Exist Archive Japanese pre-order bonus announced
Published 2 months ago. 19 comments.
Exist Archive launches November 26 in Japan
Published 2 months ago. 44 comments.
Exist Archive teaser trailer, screenshots
Published 2 months ago. 135 comments.
First look at Exist Archive for PS4, PS Vita
Published 2 months ago. 224 comments.
Exist Archive first game system details [Update]
Published 2 months ago. 86 comments.
Spike Chunsoft x tri-Ace RPG Exist Archive announced for PS4, PS Vita
Published 2 months ago. 162 comments.