tri-Ace Updates
Star Ocean 5 producer: "there was something not really right" about Star Ocean 4
Published 2 weeks ago. 327 comments.
Star Ocean 5 producer teases new characters at E3
Published 2 weeks ago. 133 comments.
Star Ocean 5 subtitle 'Integrity and Faithlessness' trademarked in Europe
Published 1 month ago. 89 comments.
Star Ocean 5 character designer suggests E3 appearance
Published 1 month ago. 116 comments.
Star Ocean 5 staff talks platform choices, development concept
Published 3 months ago. 470 comments.
Star Ocean 5 high-res screenshots
Published 3 months ago. 243 comments.
Star Ocean 5 first details, Famitsu screenshots
Published 3 months ago. 347 comments.
Star Ocean 5 first screenshots, series trailer
Published 3 months ago. 363 comments.
Star Ocean 5 announced for PS4, PS3
Published 3 months ago. 1,688 comments.
Free-to-play Judas Code for PS Vita to end service
Published 4 months ago. 35 comments.
tri-Ace acquired by mobile company Nepro Japan
Published 5 months ago. 171 comments.
Phantasy Star Nova 9-minute trailer
Published 8 months ago. 111 comments.
Phantasy Star Nova also has a Valkyria Chronicles 3 collaboration
Published 8 months ago. 59 comments.
Phantasy Star Nova "Opening Demo" set for November 13
Published 8 months ago. 19 comments.
Phantasy Star Nova post-battle demo improvements detailed
Published 9 months ago. 37 comments.
Konami and tri-Ace announce new smartphone RPG
Published 10 months ago. 39 comments.