The 3rd Birthday Updates
The 3rd Birthday gets new trailer
Published 4 years ago. 7 comments.
Happy Valentine's Day from The 3rd Birthday
Published 4 years ago. 3 comments.
Tabata on 3rd Birthday: “We should have made the game for PS3″
Published 4 years ago. 15 comments.
The 3rd Birthday dated for late March
Published 4 years ago. 9 comments.
We're going to Aya Brea's wedding
Published 5 years ago. 8 comments.
Square Enix "closely considering" Parasite Eve archives release
Published 5 years ago. 2 comments.
Square Enix reveals E3 lineup
Published 5 years ago. 3 comments.
Square Enix Releases Loads of Screenshots from DKΣ3713
Published 7 years ago. 1 comment.
DKΣ3713: Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday & Final Fantasy Agito XIII Announced for PSP
Published 7 years ago. 0 comments.