Team ICO Updates
The Last Guardian coming to PS4 in 2016
Published 5 months ago. 51 comments.
The Guardian has it on "good authority" that The Last Guardian will be at E3
Published 6 months ago. 172 comments.
The Last Guardian probably won't be at TGS
Published 1 year ago. 112 comments.
Shuhei Yoshida's latest word on The Last Guardian
Published 1 year ago. 77 comments.
The Last Guardian in 'full development,' says SCEA boss
Published 1 year ago. 90 comments.
No, The Last Guardian has not been cancelled
Published 1 year ago. 234 comments.
Fumito Ueda "terribly sorry" for The Last Guardian delay
Published 2 years ago. 44 comments.
Yoshida teases The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4
Published 2 years ago. 24 comments.
Yoshida "cannot talk about" The Last Guardian's platform
Published 2 years ago. 80 comments.
The Last Guardian still "alive and kicking"
Published 2 years ago. 18 comments.
Fumito Ueda posts The Last Guardian update
Published 3 years ago. 32 comments.
Yoshida 'can't promise' The Last Guardian for 2013
Published 3 years ago. 36 comments.
ICO HD Remote Play coming to PS Vita
Published 3 years ago. 10 comments.
Ico, Shadow of the Colossus producer leaves Sony
Published 3 years ago. 4 comments.
Yoshida: The Last Guardian team had to "re-do" work to solve technical issues
Published 3 years ago. 11 comments.
Sony "abandons" The Last Guardian trademark [Update]
Published 3 years ago. 19 comments.