Team ICO Updates
The Last Guardian probably won't be at TGS
Published 9 months ago. 112 comments.
Shuhei Yoshida's latest word on The Last Guardian
Published 12 months ago. 77 comments.
The Last Guardian in 'full development,' says SCEA boss
Published 12 months ago. 90 comments.
No, The Last Guardian has not been cancelled
Published 12 months ago. 234 comments.
Fumito Ueda "terribly sorry" for The Last Guardian delay
Published 2 years ago. 44 comments.
Yoshida teases The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4
Published 2 years ago. 24 comments.
Yoshida "cannot talk about" The Last Guardian's platform
Published 2 years ago. 80 comments.
The Last Guardian still "alive and kicking"
Published 2 years ago. 18 comments.
Fumito Ueda posts The Last Guardian update
Published 2 years ago. 32 comments.
Yoshida 'can't promise' The Last Guardian for 2013
Published 3 years ago. 36 comments.
ICO HD Remote Play coming to PS Vita
Published 3 years ago. 10 comments.
Ico, Shadow of the Colossus producer leaves Sony
Published 3 years ago. 4 comments.
Yoshida: The Last Guardian team had to "re-do" work to solve technical issues
Published 3 years ago. 11 comments.
Sony "abandons" The Last Guardian trademark [Update]
Published 3 years ago. 19 comments.
Ueda: The Last Guardian "business as usual"
Published 3 years ago. 10 comments.
The Last Guardian still having "technical difficulties"
Published 3 years ago. 15 comments.