Tales of Vesperia Updates
PS3 Tales games getting price drop in Japan
Published 1 year ago. 42 comments.
More Tales remakes planned, confirms producer
Published 3 years ago. 35 comments.
Tales of Vesperia, Graces F going PS3 the Best
Published 3 years ago. 28 comments.
Tales of Xillia outpacing PS3 predecessors
Published 4 years ago. 6 comments.
Namco Bandai celebrates Tales 15th anniversary
Published 4 years ago. 1 comment.
Tales of Vesperia PS3 fan translation project hits milestone
Published 4 years ago. 25 comments.
Namco: Tales of Vesperia exclusivity contract was "false information"
Published 4 years ago. 50 comments.
Namco: Microsoft bought Tales of Vesperia exclusivity rights
Published 4 years ago. 45 comments.
Namco's been "very busy" with Tales series
Published 5 years ago. 6 comments.
Namco Bandai has "great plans" for Tales series
Published 5 years ago. 24 comments.
Tales of Vesperia hits Xbox LIVE Games on Demand
Published 5 years ago. 8 comments.
Tales of Vesperia anime film coming to North America next year
Published 5 years ago. 6 comments.
A Tale of Two Richards, day 6: Tales of Vesperia
Published 5 years ago. 37 comments.
Namco’s listening: tell them you want Tales!
Published 5 years ago. 26 comments.
Fans to translate Tales of Vesperia for PS3
Published 5 years ago. 17 comments.
Namco responds to Tales localization requests
Published 5 years ago. 2 comments.