Tales Updates
Tales of Zestiria coming this fall with dual audio, first English trailer
Published 6 days ago. 195 comments.
Bandai Namco teases "massive surprises" for Tales' 20th anniversary
Published 4 weeks ago. 269 comments.
Tales of Graces F / Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Compilation coming to Europe
Published 1 month ago. 117 comments.
Tales of Zestiria appears in Steam database
Published 2 months ago. 327 comments.
Tales of Zestiria 'Alicia After Episode' DLC trailer
Published 2 months ago. 89 comments.
Tales of Zestiria Alisha story DLC announced [Update]
Published 3 months ago. 126 comments.
Over four hours of Tales of Zestiria gameplay
Published 3 months ago. 35 comments.
Tales of Zestiria opening movie
Published 3 months ago. 43 comments.
Tales of Festival 2015 dated for June 6 and 7
Published 3 months ago. 68 comments.
Tales of Zestiria clips introduce Rose, Edna, Wagtail Feathers, costume DLC and more
Published 3 months ago. 49 comments.
Tales of the Abyss' Jade Curtiss to appear in Tales of Zestiria
Published 3 months ago. 47 comments.
Tales of Zestiria new TV spot
Published 3 months ago. 37 comments.
Previous Tales save data unlocks attachments in Tales of Zestiria
Published 3 months ago. 103 comments.
Japanese TV spots: The Legend of Legacy, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, and Yakuza 0
Published 3 months ago. 12 comments.
Tales of Zestiria fifth trailer
Published 4 months ago. 103 comments.
Tales of Zestiria anime special new trailer
Published 4 months ago. 38 comments.