Square Enix Updates
Life is Strange launch trailer, out tomorrow
Published 2 hours ago. 7 comments.
School of Ragnarok teaser trailer
Published 18 hours ago. 22 comments.
Dragon Quest Heroes screenshots show Alena and Kiryl's special abilities
Published 1 day ago. 24 comments.
Bravely Second demo to be updated with Exorcist job class
Published 1 day ago. 18 comments.
Square Enix to announce "Project Code Z" for PS4 this weekend
Published 1 day ago. 86 comments.
School of Ragnarok detailed in Famitsu
Published 2 days ago. 14 comments.
Square Enix announces School of Ragnarok for arcades
Published 2 days ago. 25 comments.
Final Fantasy XV director wants simultaneous worldwide release
Published 4 days ago. 77 comments.
Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 HD screenshots
Published 4 days ago. 40 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailer compares PSP and PlayStation 4 versions
Published 6 days ago. 72 comments.
Edea Lee's Bravely Second role elaborated
Published 7 days ago. 17 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD ‘Orience News: Combat Special’ trailer
Published 1 week ago. 70 comments.
Final Fantasy XV director understands demand for airships
Published 1 week ago. 129 comments.
Edea Lee returns in Bravely Second
Published 1 week ago. 7 comments.
Dragon Quest Heroes introduces new airship base area
Published 1 week ago. 27 comments.
Square Enix to host new Active Time Report with Hajime Tabata this Thursday
Published 1 week ago. 42 comments.