SCEE Updates
PS4 Remote Play coming to PC and Mac
Published 4 days ago. 117 comments.
PS4 worldwide sales top 30.2 million
Published 6 days ago. 168 comments.
Gravity Rush Remastered release date moved forward one week
Published 1 week ago. 88 comments.
Bloodborne update 1.07 available today, 'The Old Hunters' expansion access detailed
Published 1 week ago. 34 comments.
Sony confirms PS2 emulation coming to PS4
Published 2 weeks ago. 241 comments.
PS4 Star Wars classics run via PS2 emulation
Published 2 weeks ago. 136 comments.
Beyond: Two Souls for PS4 launches November 24, Heavy Rain for PS4 on March 1
Published 2 weeks ago. 72 comments.
Shahid Ahmad leaving PlayStation
Published 3 weeks ago. 94 comments.
Bloodborne patch to add The League, additional co-op NPC hunters
Published 4 weeks ago. 50 comments.
Gravity Rush 2 teases asynchronous multiplayer
Published 4 weeks ago. 33 comments.
The Last Guardian footage purposefully being held back
Published 4 weeks ago. 91 comments.
Shadow of the Beast Paris Games Week 2015 trailer, screenshots
Published 1 month ago. 20 comments.
PS4 total shipments top 29.3 million
Published 1 month ago. 99 comments.
Ratchet & Clank PS4 'Clank' gameplay
Published 1 month ago. 13 comments.
Detroit director discusses setting, engine, more
Published 1 month ago. 35 comments.
Gravity Rush Remastered Paris Games Week 2015 screenshots
Published 1 month ago. 28 comments.