Rumors Updates
Report: Nintendo won't release Devil's Third in North America, but another publisher will
Published 2 months ago. 66 comments.
Rumor: Guerrilla Cambridge to announce arena shooter Rigs tonight
Published 3 months ago. 13 comments.
The Guardian has it on "good authority" that The Last Guardian will be at E3
Published 3 months ago. 172 comments.
Rumor: New Front Mission in development at Square Enix Japan
Published 3 months ago. 70 comments.
Fallout 4 listed for 2015 on Bethesda Store
Published 3 months ago. 47 comments.
Rumor: Dark Souls III set for E3 announcement
Published 3 months ago. 188 comments.
Nikkei: Nintendo NX to run on Android
Published 3 months ago. 54 comments.
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel listed at GAME Spain
Published 3 months ago. 84 comments.
Bandai Namco on Tales of Zestiria PS4 rumors: 'Wait until Tales of Festival'
Published 4 months ago. 97 comments.
Best Buy lists Tales of Zestiria for PS4
Published 4 months ago. 291 comments.
Dutch retailer lists Tales of Zestiria for PS4
Published 4 months ago. 158 comments.
Guillermo del Toro no longer on Silent Hills
Published 4 months ago. 100 comments.
Rumor: Gears of War remaster coming to Xbox One [Update 2]
Published 4 months ago. 38 comments.
Rumor: Next Mass Effect details leaked through survey
Published 5 months ago. 99 comments.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 possibly leaked by event caterer [Update]
Published 5 months ago. 24 comments.
Rumor: Monster Hunter Frontier Online 2 in development for PS4, PC
Published 5 months ago. 58 comments.