RPG Updates
Omega Labyrinth debut trailer
Published 14 hours ago. 44 comments.
Atelier Sophie 'The Story Begins' trailer
Published 19 hours ago. 21 comments.
Yoru no Nai Kuni ‘Movie File 04′ trailer
Published 19 hours ago. 30 comments.
The Witcher 3 sold six million in six weeks
Published 1 day ago. 80 comments.
First look at Summon Night 6: Lost Borders
Published 1 day ago. 35 comments.
Dragon's Dogma Online adds SCE Japan president and Capcom producer Pawns
Published 1 day ago. 17 comments.
Atelier Sophie introduces Makalet, Atomina, and Tess
Published 2 days ago. 9 comments.
The Legend of Legacy trailer introduces Liber, Garnet
Published 2 days ago. 5 comments.
Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls Japanese release date set
Published 2 days ago. 14 comments.
Final Fantasy VII Remake battle system in trial-and-error phase
Published 2 days ago. 398 comments.
Tokyo Xanadu has mini-games, real-world stores
Published 2 days ago. 33 comments.
Summon Night 6 developed by Media Vision
Published 2 days ago. 49 comments.
Dragon's Dogma Online launch trailer
Published 2 days ago. 27 comments.
Nippon Ichi's Refrain revealed for PS Vita
Published 3 days ago. 25 comments.
Grandia II Anniversary Edition now available
Published 3 days ago. 71 comments.
Nippon Ichi's 'Project Refrain' to be revealed this week
Published 3 days ago. 27 comments.