RPG Updates
Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster dated for PS4
Published 6 hours ago. 83 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D 'Heir to the Monado' trailer
Published 7 hours ago. 15 comments.
Bloodborne 'The Hunt Begins' TV spot
Published 13 hours ago. 39 comments.
Seven minutes of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth gameplay [Update]
Published 20 hours ago. 155 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles X combat-focused live stream slated for Friday
Published 24 hours ago. 6 comments.
PoPoLoCrois Farm Story screenshots detail snowy village
Published 1 day ago. 5 comments.
Sword Art Online: Lost Song fifth TV spot
Published 1 day ago. 8 comments.
Death's Gambit reveal trailer
Published 3 days ago. 23 comments.
Bloodborne's Darkbeast boss introduced
Published 4 days ago. 54 comments.
Mevius Final Fantasy screenshots highlight events, battles, and job system
Published 4 days ago. 71 comments.
Final Fantasy XV's modern city artwork showcased during SMU lecture
Published 4 days ago. 45 comments.
Etrian Mystery Dungeon trailer introduces Hexer class
Published 4 days ago. 0 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD gameplay overview trailer, screenshots
Published 5 days ago. 41 comments.
Final Fantasy XV trailers highlight dungeon, wildlife
Published 5 days ago. 152 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles X footage previews different times and weather
Published 5 days ago. 18 comments.
Tokyo Xanadu first screenshots, details
Published 5 days ago. 47 comments.