PlayStation: The Official Magazine Updates
Sony admits difficulties getting third-parties on PS Vita
Published 3 years ago. 79 comments.
Metal Gear Solid: Rising re-unveil next month?
Published 4 years ago. 4 comments.
OPM UK: Syphon Filter in development for Vita
Published 4 years ago. 5 comments.
New Ninja Gaiden III details
Published 4 years ago. 9 comments.
Latest God of War 4 rumor adds multiplayer
Published 4 years ago. 10 comments.
OPM UK teases "the biggest game in the world," number three
Published 4 years ago. 15 comments.
Rumor: Dragon Age III "on the way"
Published 4 years ago. 7 comments.
Uncharted 3 details: sand, mirages, motorcycles and more
Published 5 years ago. 10 comments.
Rumor: Okami HD sequel in development?
Published 5 years ago. 5 comments.
Ninja Gaiden III details: a darker Ryu, deeper violence and complex multiplayer
Published 5 years ago. 19 comments.
PTOM France teasing 'big comeback' reveal next issue
Published 5 years ago. 24 comments.
New Resident Evil reveal coming next month? [Update]
Published 5 years ago. 5 comments.
inFAMOUS 2 teased for next issue of ROPS [Update]
Published 5 years ago. 38 comments.
PixelJunk Shooter 2 Revealed In Latest PTOM
Published 5 years ago. 1 comment.
Splatterhouse 16-bit trilogy included in new remake
Published 6 years ago. 0 comments.
Crysis 2 goes to New York City
Published 6 years ago. 0 comments.