PlayStation 4 Updates
Rumor: PlayStation 4 controller prototype pictured
Published 1 year ago. 62 comments.
VG247 rumor claims no Share button on PS4 controller
Published 1 year ago. 23 comments.
Rumor: Every PS4 bundled with "Dual Camera"
Published 1 year ago. 26 comments.
Nikkei: PS4 to utilize Gaikai, have expanded social features
Published 1 year ago. 78 comments.
Asahi: PS4 out this year, will cost over 40,000 yen
Published 1 year ago. 59 comments.
Edge rumor details PS4 launch, controller, and specs
Published 1 year ago. 82 comments.
WSJ: PlayStation 4 unveil on February 20
Published 1 year ago. 92 comments.
PlayStation Meeting 2013: "See the future" on February 20
Published 1 year ago. 58 comments.
Rumor: PS4 has 8 core CPU, 18 Compute Unit GPU
Published 2 years ago. 50 comments.
Rumor: PlayStation 4 specs, controller details, and more
Published 2 years ago. 48 comments.
Rumor: Sony to abandon DualShock with PS4
Published 2 years ago. 65 comments.
Rumor: PS4 runs at 1.84 teraflops, next Xbox at 1.23
Published 2 years ago. 62 comments.
Rumor: PS4 and Next Xbox reveals set for late March
Published 2 years ago. 29 comments.
Sony exec teases PS4 announcement for May or June
Published 2 years ago. 154 comments.
Rumor: Next Xbox is Kryptos, PlayStation 4 is Thebes
Published 2 years ago. 20 comments.
Rumor: PS4 based on AMD A10 series, new dev kits shipping
Published 2 years ago. 78 comments.