Platinum Games Updates
Star Fox Zero launches April 22
Published 2 weeks ago. 9 comments.
NieR: Automata first gameplay trailer, screenshots
Published 4 weeks ago. 379 comments.
NieR: Automata story, protagonist detailed
Published 4 weeks ago. 227 comments.
NieR New Project officially titled NieR: Automata
Published 4 weeks ago. 48 comments.
NieR New Project to exhibit Paris Games Week 2015
Published 1 month ago. 239 comments.
Star Fox Zero delayed to Q1 2016
Published 2 months ago. 66 comments.
Transformers: Devastation pre-order bonuses announced
Published 3 months ago. 38 comments.
NieR New Project concept art shows boy overlooking ruined city
Published 3 months ago. 84 comments.
Scalebound launches holiday 2016, first gameplay
Published 4 months ago. 200 comments.
Transformers: Devastation SDCC gameplay trailer
Published 5 months ago. 54 comments.
NieR New Project producer and director talk happy coincidences, happy endings
Published 5 months ago. 62 comments.
NieR New Project has three playable characters
Published 5 months ago. 100 comments.
NieR New Project will have returning characters
Published 5 months ago. 79 comments.
NieR New Project, developed by Platinum Games, announced for PS4
Published 5 months ago. 162 comments.
Star Fox Zero launches holiday 2015
Published 5 months ago. 21 comments.
Transformers: Devastation officially announced
Published 5 months ago. 28 comments.