Nintendo Updates
Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary website launched
Published 7 hours ago. 16 comments.
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon announced for 3DS
Published 1 week ago. 54 comments.
Wii U Basic Set soon to be discontinued in Japan
Published 1 week ago. 37 comments.
Nintendo World Championships 2015 locations announced
Published 1 week ago. 9 comments.
Fire Emblem If changes up the Weapon Triangle
Published 1 week ago. 82 comments.
Nintendo president won't be at E3 2015
Published 2 weeks ago. 47 comments.
Splatoon "Global Testfire" demo returning for one more round
Published 2 weeks ago. 17 comments.
Nintendo announces E3 2015 plans
Published 2 weeks ago. 115 comments.
New, free Pushmo released for 3DS in Japan
Published 2 weeks ago. 6 comments.
Nintendo to announce E3 2015 plans tomorrow
Published 2 weeks ago. 113 comments.
Fire Emblem If eliminates weapon usage limit
Published 2 weeks ago. 245 comments.
Yoshi's Woolly World screenshots, short trailer
Published 2 weeks ago. 2 comments.
Splatoon "Global Testfire" demo now available, free-post launch content planned
Published 3 weeks ago. 20 comments.
Splatoon Direct to broadcast on May 7
Published 4 weeks ago. 6 comments.
Pokken Tournament clips: official trailer, Gengar trailer, and battle gameplay,
Published 1 month ago. 14 comments.
Yoshi's Woolly World screenshots
Published 1 month ago. 8 comments.