Nintendo Updates
Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition's  Mario transformations detailed
Published 1 day ago. 2 comments.
Splatoon details Turf Wars, Ranked Battles, and single-player, new trailer and screenshots
Published 5 days ago. 10 comments.
Pokemon Rumble World rated in Australia
Published 1 week ago. 9 comments.
Nintendo and DeNA form alliance, new console announcement due next year
Published 2 weeks ago. 111 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles X combat detailed in 30-minute presentation
Published 3 weeks ago. 147 comments.
Never Alone, Octodad, more coming to Wii U, Boxboy to 3DS, and other updates
Published 3 weeks ago. 6 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D 'Heir to the Monado' trailer
Published 4 weeks ago. 21 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles X combat-focused live stream slated for Friday
Published 4 weeks ago. 6 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles X footage previews different times and weather
Published 1 month ago. 18 comments.
Mario Party 10 Japanese overview trailer, TV spots
Published 1 month ago. 24 comments.
Pokken Tournament JAEPO 2015 trailer
Published 1 month ago. 5 comments.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Japanese introduction trailer
Published 1 month ago. 26 comments.
Hyrule Warriors 'Ganon Pack' DLC due out in Japan next week
Published 1 month ago. 28 comments.
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. 'Abraham Lincoln' trailer
Published 1 month ago. 8 comments.
Pokken Tournament set for summer arcade release
Published 1 month ago. 5 comments.
Tomonobu Itagaki hints at Fatal Frame Wii U localization
Published 2 months ago. 108 comments.