Interviews Updates
Bloodborne's Victorian inspirations influence both setting and gameplay
Published 4 months ago. 0 comments.
Tales fans interview series producer – part 4
Published 2 years ago. 16 comments.
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale video, screenshots
Published 2 years ago. 17 comments.
Miyamoto working on original project
Published 3 years ago. 3 comments.
The Truth Behind Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Published 3 years ago. 16 comments.
Casey Hudson talks Mass Effect 3 multiplayer
Published 3 years ago. 1 comment.
DmC Devil May Cry producers interviewed at E3
Published 3 years ago. 10 comments.
Killzone 3 interview reveals first gameplay
Published 4 years ago. 1 comment.
The Agency to get new intel "very soon, like weeks"
Published 5 years ago. 2 comments.
Toriyama: "I'm really interested to see a more complete form of Final Fantasy VII"
Published 5 years ago. 6 comments.
Lead & Gold slightly delayed; new media
Published 5 years ago. 0 comments.
Mass Effect 2: N7, SyFy and Machinima clips
Published 5 years ago. 1 comment.
'Xbox Game Room' announcement leaks; Project Natal due this year
Published 5 years ago. 0 comments.
TGS '09: Japanese developers love Project Natal
Published 5 years ago. 1 comment.
More DUST 514 details come with CCP boss interview
Published 5 years ago. 0 comments.
Final Fantasy XIV 'Famitsu Wave' Interview Pours Information
Published 5 years ago. 5 comments.