Hajime Tabata Updates
Final Fantasy XV director wants simultaneous worldwide release
Published 7 days ago. 77 comments.
Every answer from today's Reddit AMA with the director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Published 1 week ago. 119 comments.
Final Fantasy XV director understands demand for airships
Published 1 week ago. 129 comments.
Square Enix to host new Active Time Report with Hajime Tabata this Thursday
Published 2 weeks ago. 42 comments.
Drivable car cut from Final Fantasy XV demo
Published 2 weeks ago. 243 comments.
Square Enix explains Final Fantasy Agito+ delay
Published 1 month ago. 57 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD live stream featuring director Hajime Tabata set for Thursday
Published 3 months ago. 25 comments.
Final Fantasy XV release window "roughly decided"
Published 3 months ago. 191 comments.
Next Final Fantasy XV broadcast set for October 31
Published 3 months ago. 86 comments.
Final Fantasy XV director addresses fan concerns, new gameplay
Published 4 months ago. 817 comments.
Dengeki: Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 HD TGS 2014 interview
Published 4 months ago. 258 comments.
Tabata wants to make Final Fantasy XV more casual
Published 4 months ago. 594 comments.
Final Fantasy XV director talks development, open world, combat, demo, and more
Published 4 months ago. 499 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will launch within the next year
Published 5 months ago. 204 comments.
Hajime Tabata on Final Fantasy Type-0 localization
Published 2 years ago. 88 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 director wants to make PS Vita game
Published 2 years ago. 44 comments.