Grasshopper Manufacture Updates
Japanese creators on 2015: Compile Heart coming to Steam, new Danganronpa developments, more
Published 8 months ago. 228 comments.
Let It Die TGS 2014 trailer
Published 12 months ago. 42 comments.
Let It Die first screenshots, official website opened
Published 1 year ago. 54 comments.
Suda 51's Let It Die is what Lily Bergamo became
Published 1 year ago. 273 comments.
Let It Die is a free-to-play title, Suda 51 reveals
Published 1 year ago. 27 comments.
Suda 51 announces Let It Die for PlayStation 4
Published 1 year ago. 27 comments.
Liberation Maiden SIN announced for PS Vita
Published 1 year ago. 10 comments.
Lollipop Chainsaw global sales top one million
Published 1 year ago. 34 comments.
Killer is Dead coming to PC in May
Published 2 years ago. 6 comments.
Japanese developers tease new titles, PS4 included
Published 2 years ago. 75 comments.
Ranko Tsukgime's Longest Day coming west this spring
Published 2 years ago. 43 comments.
Suda 51 talks Lily Bergamo in PS4 creators interview
Published 2 years ago. 39 comments.
Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day has a shoot 'em up stage
Published 2 years ago. 5 comments.
Lily Bergamo trademarked in the U.S.
Published 2 years ago. 26 comments.
Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day second trailer
Published 2 years ago. 7 comments.
Lily Bergamo protagonist named Tae Ioroi
Published 2 years ago. 17 comments.