Goichi Suda Updates
Let It Die is a free-to-play title, Suda 51 reveals
Published 1 year ago. 27 comments.
Suda 51 talks Lily Bergamo in PS4 creators interview
Published 2 years ago. 39 comments.
Short Peace-based PlayStation 3 game announced
Published 2 years ago. 4 comments.
Liberation Maiden SIN announced for PlayStation 3
Published 2 years ago. 22 comments.
Grasshopper Manufacture's next game is a new IP running on Unreal Engine with 'unique' online features
Published 3 years ago. 22 comments.
First look at Grasshopper Manufacture's next, next game
Published 3 years ago. 21 comments.
Suda 51 enthusiastic about PlayStation 4
Published 3 years ago. 18 comments.
Suda, Yasuda talk Killer is Dead development
Published 3 years ago. 15 comments.
Killer is Dead PS Vita port "undecided"
Published 3 years ago. 28 comments.
GungHo and Grasshopper comment on studio acquisition
Published 3 years ago. 3 comments.
Japanese developers discuss the future of gaming
Published 3 years ago. 40 comments.