Final Fantasy XV Updates
Final Fantasy XV TGS 2014 trailer, Testuya Nomura steps down as director
Published 7 months ago. 372 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD dated, includes Final Fantasy XV demo
Published 7 months ago. 260 comments.
Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III to skip E3 2014
Published 11 months ago. 252 comments.
E3 appearances teased for Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III
Published 12 months ago. 459 comments.
Famitsu feature: Final Fantasy X-3 not in development, Level-5 considering new developments for Ushiro, more
Published 1 year ago. 288 comments.
Final Fantasy XV track included in Yoko Shimomura album
Published 1 year ago. 6 comments.
Pre-order Final Fantasy XV for $40
Published 1 year ago. 87 comments.
Final Fantasy XV is "quite far into development"
Published 1 year ago. 166 comments.
First English Final Fantasy XV voice actor revealed
Published 1 year ago. 112 comments.
Tetsuya Nomura discusses Final Fantasy XV in PlayStation 4 'Conversations With Creators' video
Published 2 years ago. 137 comments.
Nomura: No Final Fantasy XV updates at Tokyo Game Show
Published 2 years ago. 122 comments.
Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III not in simultaneous development, says Shinji Hashimoto
Published 2 years ago. 102 comments.
Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III set for TGS
Published 2 years ago. 159 comments.
Square Enix trademarks "A World of the Versus Epic"
Published 2 years ago. 53 comments.
Nomura talks Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III at Japan Expo
Published 2 years ago. 158 comments.
Final Fantasy XV: the big interview summary
Published 2 years ago. 57 comments.