Final Fantasy XV Updates
E3 appearances teased for Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III
Published 11 months ago. 459 comments.
Famitsu feature: Final Fantasy X-3 not in development, Level-5 considering new developments for Ushiro, more
Published 12 months ago. 288 comments.
Final Fantasy XV track included in Yoko Shimomura album
Published 1 year ago. 6 comments.
Pre-order Final Fantasy XV for $40
Published 1 year ago. 87 comments.
Final Fantasy XV is "quite far into development"
Published 1 year ago. 166 comments.
First English Final Fantasy XV voice actor revealed
Published 1 year ago. 112 comments.
Tetsuya Nomura discusses Final Fantasy XV in PlayStation 4 'Conversations With Creators' video
Published 2 years ago. 137 comments.
Nomura: No Final Fantasy XV updates at Tokyo Game Show
Published 2 years ago. 122 comments.
Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III not in simultaneous development, says Shinji Hashimoto
Published 2 years ago. 102 comments.
Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III set for TGS
Published 2 years ago. 159 comments.
Square Enix trademarks "A World of the Versus Epic"
Published 2 years ago. 53 comments.
Nomura talks Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III at Japan Expo
Published 2 years ago. 158 comments.
Final Fantasy XV: the big interview summary
Published 2 years ago. 57 comments.
Final Fantasy XV main characters officially detailed
Published 2 years ago. 78 comments.
Final Fantasy XV staff, characters, and development detailed
Published 2 years ago. 105 comments.
Final Fantasy XV the first part of a larger epic
Published 2 years ago. 60 comments.