Final Fantasy XV Updates
Final Fantasy XV Gamescom 2015 schedule announced
Published 4 months ago. 196 comments.
Square Enix announces Gamescom 2015 lineup, multiple Final Fantasy XV stage events planned
Published 5 months ago. 114 comments.
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Version 2.0 out today
Published 6 months ago. 189 comments.
Final Fantasy XV: Stella is gone, Episode Duscae 2.0 slated for June 9
Published 6 months ago. 898 comments.
Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report live stream: June 4, 2015
Published 6 months ago. 137 comments.
June 4 Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report to be subtitled in English
Published 6 months ago. 110 comments.
Next Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report set for June 4
Published 6 months ago. 68 comments.
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 coming early June
Published 7 months ago. 124 comments.
Final Fantasy XV feedback live stream full report: Episode Duscae 2.0 coming mid-May
Published 7 months ago. 303 comments.
Final Fantasy XV demo feedback Active Time Report to air tonight
Published 7 months ago. 452 comments.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD shipments top one million
Published 8 months ago. 98 comments.
HexaDrive also working on Final Fantasy XV
Published 8 months ago. 121 comments.
Final Fantasy XV might have female guest party characters
Published 8 months ago. 352 comments.
Final Fantasy XV demo's secret movie revealed
Published 9 months ago. 226 comments.
A look at the Final Fantasy XV demo's summon
Published 9 months ago. 239 comments.
Final Fantasy XV has Coleman-branded camping equipment
Published 9 months ago. 105 comments.